October 8, 2020

Taking a Stand Against Bullying

In times like these it’s hard to imagine that some would choose to tear others down rather than looking for ways that we can all build each other up. Recently, we’ve been the target of an unprovoked and unprofessional negative attack on our business. Someone in the community (a local competitor to be specific) has made it his goal to try and sabotage our business by flooding many online platforms with fake 1 star reviews.

To date, we have received 92 of them. In addition to this, this person has attacked our moving software by submitting over 30 fake moving leads. This person has targeted us by making fake google business listings using our name as well as several fake websites pretending to be Best Moving and Storage. This bully has tried to harm our reputation and deprive us of business.

We are not going to stand idly by.

As business owners we will not allow ourselves to be bullied. Rather than continuing the downward spiral of tearing down, we are instead going to use this as an opportunity to build others up.

October is National Bullying Prevention Month and we are donating a portion of every move conducted in October to the NO BULLY organization. No Bully’s mission is to eradicate bullying and cyberbullying worldwide. Igniting compassion in the next generation.

Yes, I am a business owner, but I’m a mother first. The emotional stress I endured during these several weeks of elevated cyber harassment, opened my eyes. No one should have the power to make someone feel so terrible.

Throughout the entire situation I kept telling myself how lucky we were to have the support of our community, and our friends, and our family. It doesn’t always work like that. Many times the victim is afraid to speak out against the person harassing them. I understand because I was initially scared to expose the business owner harassing us.

I felt horrible even talking about it. I couldn’t comprehend how a human being could try so hard to hurt another human being. When I reached out for help, I quickly learned how the criminal laws are not up to speed with what is happening to the Internet. I learned how easy it is to attack a person or business and be untraceable. Leaving a detrimental mark on their name and reputation.

I couldn’t help but think to myself, imagine if I was a small child or teenager. Someone that is trying to figure out their way in the world and unable to have access to all of these resources we’ve had as business owners to combat this bullying behavior.  It’s imperative that we turn this lemon-y situation into lemonade. To take a stand to eradicate cyber-bullying, because essentially that’s exactly what we dealt with.

As parents of small children, we want a world for our kids that is free of bullying. If we all took more time to find ways to build one another up, instead of tearing each other down, the world would be a better place. This is the future we want to leave our children and the next generation. We hope that you’ll join us in supporting anti-bullying efforts and help to create a world free of bullies.


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